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Brad Schimel: Taking aim at ‘smurfing’ can help stop meth

August 19, 2018, La Crosse Tribune

When I was elected attorney general, I made a commitment as chief law enforcement officer of Wisconsin to do all I can to maintain the safety and well-being of all our citizens.

One of the biggest threats to the safety and well-being of our communities is substance abuse. While we have made great progress in the fight against opioid abuse, we must also now turn efforts to fight a second front: methamphetamine.

A first step to stopping meth is to make it a lot harder for criminals to make meth in our communities.

Wisconsin recently adopted a law that will help block the illegal sale of pseudoephedrine (PSE) which can be a main ingredient for meth. The new law adopted NPLEx, an online tracking system that serves as a real-time, stop-sale system that blocks illegal purchases of PSE at the point of sale, even across state lines.

By joining 33 other states in the use of NPLEx, Wisconsin’s lawmakers not only adopted a proven and reliable system for stopping criminals in their tracks, but they ensured that honest, law-abiding consumers in Wisconsin will continue to have access to the cold and allergy medicines they rely on for relief.

The new law was the first step. Now we are stepping up our efforts to put meth producers on notice: We are watching, and meth producers will be held accountable. This month I announced a partnership with retailers and pharmacists to launch a statewide anti-smurfing campaign aimed at combating meth production.

“Smurfing” is a very serious crime despite a relatively playful name.

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