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LTE: Kudos to RIHNO, good state drug laws

May 3, 2018, Nancy Jenkins-Arno, Lenconnect.com

To the editor,
Kudos to the Irish Hills RIHNO team on investigating and busting the operators of a meth lab in Adrian. During my time in office I heard reports from law enforcement on the devastating effects meth has on individuals and families. Communities suffer when this sort of activity goes unchecked.

The operators of the meth lab made several small purchases of pseudoephedrine (PSE), an ingredient found in common overthecounter cold and allergy medicines, at local pharmacies. By law, pharmacists and retailers are required to enter the information into a system called the National Precursor Log Exchange, more commonly known as NPLEx, which prohibits them from completing a sale when someone attempts to buy more than is legally allowed. The system then alerts law enforcement in real-time. The RHINO team was able to identify these criminals by using NPLEx.

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