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State Police data shows dramatic drop in meth lab busts

1.1.18 – Tricia Harte, Fox59

Data from Indiana State Police shows a dramatic drop in methamphetamine lab busts in the nearly two years since legislators made one of the drug’s key ingredients harder to buy.

Once dubbed the meth capitol of the United States, Indiana has long battled a stigma with methamphetamine. Lawmakers started restricting the amount of pseudoephedrine and ephedrine that customers can purchase in stores in 2013—both drugs are common ingredients in cold medicine and a key ingredient in methamphetamine.

Then in March 2016, then-governor Mike Pence signed a bill into law giving pharmacists greater discretion over who can purchase pseudoephedrine.

The law was meant to curb methamphetamine production by making pseudoephedrine harder to purchase. It gives pharmacists discretion over who to sell to, limiting the quantities of medicines like Sudafed to patients without a prescription and without symptoms. It also allows pharmacists to check customers against a drug offender registry.

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