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Local police hope new state statute will help them fight meth ‘epidemic’

11.30.2017 – Jonah Beleckis, Gazette Extra

Police in Walworth County, where methamphetamine has been described as an “epidemic,” were cheering Thursday a new state statute intended to make a key methamphetamine ingredient harder to get.

Walworth County sheriff’s Capt. Robert Hall, who is in charge of the county’s drug unit, said the new statute is “excellent” and “great news for law enforcement.”

The statute signed by Gov. Scott Walker requires all Wisconsin pharmacies to use the internet-based National Precursor Log Exchange—commonly known as NPLEx—to record, track and when necessary block the sale of products containing pseudoephedrine.

Meth makers use pseudoephedrine, commonly found in cold medicines such as Sudafed.

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