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MDEA: National Tracking System Aids in Arresting Suspected Meth Criminals

11.29.2017 – Taylor Kinzler, WABI5

Students, law enforcement, and state officials gathered in Bangor Wednesday to discuss the role Inplex has cracking down on meth-related-crimes.

“This is it. Real simple, ok? This is what you use to manufacture methamphetamine.”

In January of 2013, Maine implemented the state’s pseudoephedrine retail sales tracking system as a way to combat the methamphetamine crisis.

“Last year, we did approximately 126 lab incidents and we’re about 55 incidents this year.”

One pseudoephedrine box can be converted into $300 worth of meth.

The sale of certain over the counter cold medicines used in meth making triggers Inplex.

“Our system tracks and plots in real time and let’s law enforcement see people that try to buy too much.”

We’re told in 2016, Inplex helped block the illegal sale of more than 7,000 boxes of pseudoephedrine in Maine.

“Meth labs have gone down in all the states that we operate our system. People aren’t going to be knocking on their door because they’re buying pseudoephedrine. But it’s more like the people who are making methamphetamine. They’re going to have a tougher time doing that.”


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