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Software Aims to Slow the Growth of Meth Labs in Missouri

9.12.2017 – Brooke Anderson, StJoeChannel


An electronic system used by pharmacies in the state of Missouri is aiming to stop a key ingredient used to make meth from ending up in the wrong hands.

National Precursor Log Exchange, NPLEx, is a stop-sale blocking technology that monitors the amount of pseudoephedrine (PSE) customers buy. The drug is most commonly found in cold and allergy medicines.

Spokesman for Consumer Healthcare Products Association Jim Gwinner gave a presentation on the software to seniors at Country Squire Tuesday morning. Gwinner said customers can purchase the drug up to a certain gram amount as stated by law.

“Missouri and Combat Meth Act has put daily, weekly and annual limit on the amount of pseudoephedrine you can purchase,” Gwinner said. “It roughly equates to about a box a week, where the average consumer can go purchase that.”

Pharmacist and Missouri Pharmacy Association member Kim Nolte said the electronic software has made it easier for law enforcement officers and pharmacists keep track of how much of the drug a customer purchases.

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