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LTE: Allergy meds should be accessible

4.20.2017 – Sarah Harbison, IndyStar

A recent segment on Good Morning America covered this year’s unusually early spring weather. They discussed how this would affect allergy season, noting that we should expect high levels of pollen for longer than usual time periods. We Hoosiers are tough, but allergies can get even the best of us down.
Over-the-counter medicines like Claritin, Sudafed and Mucinex-D, which contain pseudoephedrine (PSE), can be our greatest weapon in this fight. Unfortunately, some still wish to make it harder for Hoosiers to purchase these over-the-counter medicines and make them prescription-only because a few criminals may use PSE to make meth. They argue that by restricting PSE through prescriptions, we can curb meth production in our state. However, the government has confirmed that the vast majority of meth is now made in Mexico and is not made by criminals here.

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