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LTE: Many factors responsible for meth lab dropoff

11.9.16 – Dave Frizzell, The Journal Gazette

Recently, The Journal Gazette published an article that highlighted a recent, and very welcome, trend in the state: a large decline in meth lab seizures.

The article states that legislation that passed in the most recent session, which made it harder for law-abiding citizens to purchase cold and allergy medicine containing pseudoephedrine, was the main reason for the decline. Existing law requires that all sales of pseudoephedrine be tracked and blocked through NPLEx, a real-time, stop-sale system that works across state lines and enforces our state’s daily, monthly, and yearly pseudoephedrine purchase limits. On top of that, I authored a law this year which bans the sale of pseudoephedrine to any known meth criminal. By targeting pseudoephedrine restrictions to the very criminals responsible for meth production, we hope to replicate the successes in meth lab declines experienced in states that have passed a similar policy. I’m happy to hear it’s already having an effect here in Indiana.

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