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LTE: Pharmacists make great impact on meth making

10.25.16 – Steve Marshall, The Arab Tribune


Methamphetamine is and remains among the most dangerous drugs available in our communities. That said, in recent years, we have seen the number of clandestine meth labs substantially decrease throughout Alabama.

One of the primary reasons for this dramatic change is the National Precursor Log Exchange (NPLEx). In order to make meth, meth cooks use pseudoephedrine (PSE), a common ingredient in cough and allergy medication.

Currently, NPLEx is used in 33 states across the country, including Alabama.

In our state alone, NPLEx has blocked the sales of PSE 30,000 boxes from reaching the hands of potential criminals and meth cooks just in the first half of 2016.

Not only has the program aided law enforcement, NPLEx is also valuable for what it does for consumers. It allows law-abiding Alabamians to buy medicine that they need over the counter in order to relieve cold and allergy symptoms.


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