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LTE: THE PEOPLE SPEAK: State fights meth, without wasting law-abiding citizens’ time

9.26.16 – Tina Downey, The Muskogee Phoenix

Raising a family is a full-time job. Rushing from the grocery store to sports practices then to school, I hardly have any time for myself. And that is not even considering my seasonal allergies, which always seem to flare up at the worst time.

The only savior I have to keep up with my schedule is to rely on over-the-counter (OTC) remedies – particularly cold and allergy medicine containing pseudoephedrine (PSE). For me it is Claritin-D, but for others, it can be Allegra-D or Sudafed, among many other brands.

Thankfully, for law-abiding consumers like me, it is very easy to get the nonprescription medicine I need for relief. Other states have made it hard on law-abiding citizens in similar situations as myself to get their decongestants because some criminals try to use PSE to make meth. Oklahoma joined the National Precursor Log Exchange (NPLEx) in 2011, which means that our state, along with 32 others, has a system in place to help prevent meth makers from buying large quantities of PSE, and to flag suspicious purchases for law enforcement. Because of this, Oklahoma is fighting back against meth production and not forcing me to jump through hoops – and more importantly, waste precious time – to get allergy meds

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