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Give PSE Law Time To Work

5.31.16– Margaret Niccum, Muncie Star Press

Indiana just passed legislation sponsored by state Rep. Dave Frizzell that blocks drug felons from purchasing cold and allergy medicine containing pseudoephedrine, like Zyrtec-D and Allegra-D. The ink is barely dry from the governor’s signature on the bill, yet some are already talking about the need for further restrictions on these safe and effective medicines, going so far as to make it available by prescription only, for everyone.

We need to give the new law time to work and policymakers should focus on other issues affecting our state. Just because a select few criminals use the ingredient found in these medicines to make meth, doesn’t mean we need to block law-abiding citizens from purchasing these needed cold and allergy medicines. We are on the path to establishing a good foundation to stop the real criminals, the known drug offenders, from purchasing PSE, not everyday cold and allergy sufferers. We need to focus on what was just passed and give it time to work.

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