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Cold medicine restriction is the wrong strategy in meth battle

6.16.16–Dan Thiele, Goshen News

Most of your readers have heard of the problems of methamphetamine abuse that have stricken our state. With all of the commentary recently around the anti-meth laws debated and passed by the legislature, it is easy to forget that there is no easy solution to completely get rid of meth abuse. Placing unfair restrictions on consumers who need medicine for colds and allergies is the wrong strategy entirely.

There has been a shift in recent years where less meth is made in local labs. According to the federal Drug Enforcement Agency, approximately 90 percent of the meth in the United States is now being manufactured in Mexico and shipped across the border — often by drug cartels. This means that across the United States, only 10 percent of meth is made domestically.

The stories we see of meth labs and cooks on the local news are part of a much larger problem. Meth seizures at our southern border have increased by significant margins in recent years as states and the federal government have worked to combat meth.

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