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Tool helps fight meth sensibly

5.23.16–Steve Osborn,  Knoxville News Sentinel

I think that we can all agree that one of the best ways to stop illegal activity is to be tough on crime. However, we must not enact policies that punish law-abiding citizens as we seek to penalize law-breakers. As we celebrate National Police Week during May, we should praise our law enforcement for using all of the tools at their disposal to crack down on criminal activity while not infringing on the lives of honest Tennesseans.

One area where this is very apparent is in our state’s fight against methamphetamine production. Our law enforcement uses a tool called the National Precursor Log Exchange, which blocks the sale of medicine containing pseudoephedrine when the legal allowable limit is reached at the point of sale, providing police with real-time alerts. Additionally, NPLEx gives law enforcement the ability to flag purchases by suspicious people. Law enforcement officers can then use that information during investigations.

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