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Pharmacies, police work together to stop criminals

5.23.16–Joy B. Krieger,  St. Louis Post – Dispatch

The National Precursor Log Exchange is a system that allows pharmacies and police to work together to stop the purchase of allergy medicine when consumers reach their legal limit. Why is there a purchase limit? Because some criminals target pharmacies and attempt to stock up on the medicine, containing pseudoephedrine, to make meth at home.

With communities across the country celebrating and honoring law enforcement during National Police Week, it’s fitting to thank them for their efforts and bring awareness — and solutions — to this issue.

As the executive director of the St. Louis Chapter of the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, the issues we advocate for are particularly relevant now, when we’re at the height of spring allergy season. Among other things, we advocate for access to the medicines consumers rely on to treat their symptoms, that without them would leave them in a constant fog.

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