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Frizzell’s anti-meth lab bill heads to the governor

3.9.16– Nicole Davis, The Southside Times

A bill authored by State Rep. David Frizzell (R-Indianapolis), which would prevent those with methamphetamine-related felonies from purchasing pseudoephedrine (PSE) without a prescription, has been approved by the state legislature and will now move to the governor’s desk.

PSE, an ingredient in certain cold medications, is a key precursor for manufacturing meth. Currently, it must be kept behind pharmacy counters and dispensed according to daily, monthly and yearly individual purchase limits. House Enrolled Act (HEA) 1157 would build on these efforts by keeping PSE accessible to consumers, but make it illegal for all individuals convicted of a meth-related felony to possess these medications without a prescription.

“Making it harder for meth-related offenders to obtain PSE will help to address Indiana’s meth lab problem,” Frizzell said. “This bill provides a strong solution to the state’s meth epidemic by helping to keep meth precursors out of the wrong hands.”

Indiana has led the nation in the number of meth lab busts for each of the last three years. HEA 1157 would expand law enforcement’s ability to curb the prevalence of meth labs around the state.

The National Precursor Log Exchange (NPLEx) would be instructed to issue stop-sale alerts in real time when meth-related felons attempt to purchase PSE without a prescription. The alerts will be issued for persons who have been convicted of any specific meth-related felony within the last seven years.

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