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South Carolina Officers Trained On Anti-Meth Technology

2.5.16– Kingstree News

This week, the South Carolina Law Enforcement Officers Association (SCLEOA), in conjunction with Appriss, conducted three trainings across the state on the National Precursor Log Exchange (NPLEx), which is the a real-time, stop-sale technology used to ensure that purchasers of pseudoephedrine (PSE) do not exceed their legal limit. These trainings taught officers how to best utilize the system to identify and arrest meth makers who are misusing PSE to make the drug.

South Carolina is one of 32 states who have adopted NPLEx as a tool for law enforcement in their pursuit of meth criminals. The system, which electronically monitors each sale of PSE, sends notifications to law enforcement of any suspicious purchase pattern, which may be indicative of an attempt at misusing the medicine. Further, prosecutors can subpoena NPLEx data as they seek to build cases against meth cooks.

“These trainings are an important resource for SCLEOA officers to gain further knowledge of all of the tools at their disposal to stop meth in South Carolina,” said Ryan Alphin, Executive Director of the SC Law Enforcement Officers Association. “NPLEx has been an invaluable resource for our members as they seek to ensure pseudoephedrine products are not misused during the meth making process. This continuing education program has been a huge benefit to all officers involved.”

Since 2011, NPLEx has helped law enforcement work in conjunction with pharmacists and retailers to ensure that it is significantly harder for criminals to illegally purchase pseudoephedrine.

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