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Physician Shortages and the Potential Impacts on a Prescription-Only Policy for Pseudophedrine

Avalere Health released a study on the impact on local and national health care systems from an Rx-only policy for cold and allergy medicines that contain PSE. The study concluded:

A prescription requirement may reduce PSE access for prohibited uses and curb methamphetamine production. However, the impact on illegal production of methamphetamine resulting from a nationwide prescription-only policy must be weighed against the estimated costs and implications to key stakeholders of legitimate use of PSE-containing products. Given the growing shortage of primary care physicians, these burdens and expenses may increase. As policymakers continue to explore options for reducing illicit purchase of PSE, it will be important to consider various implications of a prescription-only policy and how the current physician shortage may affect stakeholders. Ultimately, to successfully address the methamphetamine issue, a multifaceted strategy that balances the need for consumers to access necessary medications while curbing illicit production and use of methamphetamine will be required.

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