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An Approach To Stifling Meth Production That Makes Sense

2.4.16– Eric Wathen, Lafayette Journal & Courier

As a local elected official, I am often skeptical when the legislature steps in to help solve the problems that are facing our community and other communities across the state. This year, the effort by state Sen. Michael Young and Rep. Dave Frizzell to reduce the number of meth labs in our state actually exhibits some common sense. They are proposing legislation that has been proven to reduce meth labs, without burdening honest consumers.

Young and Frizzell are proposing legislation that would ban the sale of pseudoephedrine products to known drug criminals. This legislation has helped Oklahoma realize an 88 percent reduction in meth lab seizures because, while pseudoephedrine is a safe and effective ingredient in cold and allergy medicine, criminals also use it in the production of meth.

While is it would be easy for a legislator to propose legislation that would drastically make it harder for honest citizens and meth makers alike to gain access to medicine containing pseudoephedrine, I am pleased to see Young and Frizzell take a more nuanced approach to this issue. I commend their efforts and I urge everyone to contact their representatives in Indianapolis to also support these bills.

Eric Wathen

Hendricks County Council member


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