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Letter To The Editor: Prescriptions Not Needed For Cold, Allergy Medications

8.29.15 – Hannah Morris, Tulsa World

Oklahomans have consistently made it clear that they do not want the government in their lives, that is why at Americans for Prosperity we have been fighting government intrusion, especially in health care, for several years.

To underscore how local this fight can come to your home is the push in states such as Oklahoma to make common cold medications prescription only. Imagine having to get a prescription every time you needed cold or allergy medication. It is just too much government in our lives.http://imagec18.247realmedia.com/RealMedia/ads/Creatives/default/empty.gif

A recent survey from the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America has provided another example of how strongly Oklahomans do not want Big Brother dictating what they can and cannot buy for over-the-counter cold and allergy medicine. According to the findings, 91 percent of Oklahomans want access to all medications available to them at pharmacies.

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