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Letter: Protect over-the-counter meds access for law-abiding citizens

8.17.15 – Garth Reynolds, QC Online

Every day, pharmacists across Illinois work with our patients to ensure that their health-care needs are met by recommending over-the-counter medications approved by the Federal Drug Administration. A large portion of these recommendations revolve around cold and allergy sufferers who rely on a range of medications containing pseudoephedrine (PSE) for relief. Everyone has their specific product of PSE that they prefer and that works best for them.

Working with patients, pharmacists like myself know how much of a burden further restrictions on PSE would be for those who need it the most. Especially when the legislature is considering these onerous regulations, we hear from our concerned patients who do not want to be forced to go see a physician and endure additional out-of-pocket costs, just to treat their runny nose.

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