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Let’s Keep Working To Combat Meth Production And Abuse

8.14.15 – William Lamberth, The Tennessean

In the past few years, methamphetamine has been at the forefront of discussion both in the legislature and in communities across the state. Far too many Tennesseans have had a family member, friend, colleague or neighbor who has been affected in one way or another. From knowing someone dealing with addiction to facing the nightmare scenario that a child could find a meth lab discarded on the side of the road, everyone is aware of this dangerous issue. Thankfully, in response to these concerns, Tennessee has made tremendous progress in our fight against meth.

According to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation’s most recent data, meth labs were on pace to be down over 40 percent in 2014 compared with 2013. These results can be attributed to the great work done by law enforcement, prosecutors, Gov. Bill Haslam, legislators and community leaders across this great state. The legislature has implemented laws that target meth users without overburdening law-abiding citizens, and local community leaders have conducted very effective outreach efforts to educate residents on the dangers of methamphetamine.

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