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Missourians oppose requiring a prescription for cold medicine

7.28.15 – Joy Krieger, St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Recently, the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of American released a five-state survey that looked at consumers’ attitudes in regards to their access to cold, cough, flu and allergy medicine containing pseudoephedrine. Missouri was among the states surveyed, and the poll underscored what everyone who relies on medicines containing pseudoephedrine already knows: Law-abiding consumers seek and demand full access to these products and do not want to be forced to get a prescription to use them.

In recent years, government officials — both locally and in the Legislature — have attempted to restrict access to pseudoephedrine products because there are some bad actors who improperly use the medicine in the process of meth production. These attempts have largely been unsuccessful, as these elected leaders have listened to their constituents and recognized the burden and cost that would be placed on those legally seeking pseudoephedrine products if unnecessary restrictions were put in place. The grassroots strength of the consumer movement has been a powerful voice to the Legislature, but now the AAFA survey definitively demonstrates how strongly consumers feel about having access to safe and effective medicine containing pseudoephedrine.

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