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Meth labs down 80% in Oklahoma, but meth use still a major problem

7.10.15 – Russell Mills, KRMG

Three laws passed in recent years have led to a huge drop in the number of methamphetamine labs in Oklahoma, but that has not translated into a reduction for demand and use of the dangerous drug.

The Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs tells KRMG that in 2012, well over 900 ‘one pot’ labs were found by law enforcement in the state.

That number dropped to 214 by last year, and currently, OBN spokesman Mark Woodward says, “we’re on pace for right around 150 this year. That’s great news.”

However, there’s a major caveat, he added.

“It’s important to stress though, that in Oklahoma while labs are down, meth use is still epidemic. We’re seeing that vacuum filled by the Mexican drug cartels that are now pouring large quantities of crystal meth, or ice, into Oklahoma. So many of the meth users or cooks have switched to the Mexican ice.”

Though use of the drug remains unabated, Woodward says, there are several benefits to cutting down on the “one-pot”‘ labs.

For one thing, drug enforcement officers can spend a lot more time going after smugglers and other large-scale operations.

Also, Woodward points out, there are collateral benefits, including “fewer fires, fewer contaminated properties where innocent landlords are stuck cleaning up these places after the law enforcement leaves, fewer children that are being exposed and testing positive for chemicals from inside these home, we’re seeing drops in those areas.”

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