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Meth labs decline in Sand Springs, state

7.24.15 – Rachel Snyder, Tulsa World

Sand Springs is following a statewide trend in declining local methamphetamine production.

The number of meth labs reported has steadily decreased statewide since the passage of House Bill 2176 in 2004, which limited the amount of pseudoephedrine pharmacy customers can buy at one time.

Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics Public Information Officer Mark Woodward said there were 830 meth labs reported across the state in 2012, 343 of which were in Tulsa County.

Since then, the number of meth labs has reduced by about 50 percent each year, Woodward said. There were 442 labs statewide in 2013, 145 of which were in Tulsa County, and 214 for 2014, 54 of which were in Tulsa County.

“Meth use in Oklahoma is still epidemic,” Woodward said. “Mexican cartels are pouring Mexican ice, or crystal meth into Oklahoma.”

He said between 90 and 95 percent of meth in the U.S. comes from Mexico.

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