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Meth Labs Decline In Oklahoma, Meth Addiction Still A Problem

7.9.15 – Lacie Lowry, News 9

The number of meth labs in Oklahoma has dropped dramatically.

A meth offender registry and an online system that tracks pseudoephedrine are helping fight against meth production. However, while meth labs are down, meth addiction is not.

Thrifty Pharmacy was the first in Oklahoma City to use the pseudoephedrine tracking system. When someone tries to buy pseudoephedrine, they have to get approved through the online system first.

“It’s such a cheap product that you can turn into such a dangerous thing and it’s very scary,” said Dani Lynch with Thrifty Pharmacy.

Pseudoephedrine is used to make meth, so Oklahoma is now one of 31 states that use the National Precursor Log Exchange. It tracks pseudoephedrine purchases in real time and blocks purchases at the cash register if someone tries to buy too many grams of it in one day or too much in one month.

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