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Number of Meth Incidents Continue to Drop in Missouri

6.11.15 –Kate Allt, KY 3

The number of meth incidents is down in Missouri and pharmacies hope it stays that way.

Missouri was the fourth state in the country to require all retailers of cold and allergy medicine to use what’s called the NPLEx System.

The system sets a limit on how much medicine containing pseudoephedrine one person can buy.

In Missouri, that limit is 3.6 grams per day, and nine grams per month.

Once the person is over that limit, the NPLEx system automatically blocks the sale and authorities have real-time access to that information.

Plus, the system links all 27 states that participate, so people looking to buy pseudoephedrine to make meth can’t drive from state to state hitting up different pharmacies.

“We used to see, we’re off of I-44, we used to see a carload of people come and try to have three or four people come to our counter and try and buy Sudafed,” said Melody Savley, Owner and Pharmacist at Alps Pharmacy. “They probably came from another state, over from Joplin, we don’t know.”

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