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It’s pseudoephedrine season

6.1.15 –  Craig Workman, West News Magazine

Recent news stories have once again brought attention to the success of the National Precursor Log Exchange (NPLEx) in Missouri. NPLEx helps law enforcement officers track the sale of pseudoephedrine products and ensure that they do not get into the hands of a small group of criminals who misuse the vital allergy medicine to make meth. In 2014 alone, NPLEx helped block the sale of over 90,000 boxes to criminals in Missouri.

Unfortunately, despite the success of NPLEx, some in our state – including Lt. Jason Grellner, commander of the Franklin County Narcotics Enforcement Unit – are trying to force Missouri to leave the system, which is used by 29 other states, in favor of making medicines containing pseudoephedrine available only with a prescription. A prescription requirement would greatly inconvenience allergy sufferers, such as myself, and create a terrible drain on our wallets by forcing us to go to the doctor just to get regular allergy medicine.

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