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Letter: Law Successfully Curtailing Meth Labs

5.16.15 –  Mike Moon,  Springfield News-Leader

Real progress has been made in Missouri’s battle against meth. Meth labs seized by law enforcement are trending downward as meth criminals are being foiled in their attempts to illegally buy pseudoephedrine (PSE), a vital precursor to the drug. While used by many to treat their cold and allergy symptoms, PSE is also used by a criminal minority to make meth. In the past, some believed that PSE should only be available with a prescription to fight this problem, but Missouri has shown that noteworthy results can be achieved without burdening law-abiding citizens who need to purchase the cold and allergy medicine they rely on. Missouri joined the National Precursor Log Exchange (NPLEx) in 2011, connecting to a system that ensures criminals do not purchase more PSE than legally allowed. As a result, NPLEx has played a crucial role reducing the amount of PSE illegally sold in Missouri. In 2014, NPLEx blocked the sale of over 35,000 boxes of PSE from being sold to potential meth makers. I hope that legislators and others who pushed for a prescription requirement for PSE see the accomplishments of NPLEx and understand that it is possible to aggressively fight our state’s meth epidemic without hurting honest citizens.

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