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Don’t Increase Limits On Decongestant

4.28.15 – Kelly Zenere, The Chicago Sun-Times

Recently, the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America released their list of the most challenging places to live with spring allergies in 2015 and of course, Chicago was on the list. This is no surprise to me because my allergies always flare up in the spring. I depend on medicine containing pseudoephedrine to get through the allergy season. However, some lawmakers in our state are pushing to increase restrictions on who can purchase allergy medications containing pseudoephedrine, all because there are a small group of bad actors who misuse the decongestant to make crystal meth.

Our Legislature has already enacted policies that target these criminals. Additional proposals that would require allergy sufferers like me to make a doctor’s appointment to get pseudoephedrine would have a tremendously negative impact, causing our lives to become much more complicated with unnecessary hassles.

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