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Regulation Bad Medicine For Americans

2.4.15 – Eric Peterson, Americans For Prosperity 

With cold and flu season in full swing, many Americans are for the first time facing some of Obamacare’s most onerous provisions. For many, this means navigating through the costs and benefits of an expensive new plan and the prospect of having to get a new doctor- though President Obama promised that Americans could keep plans and doctors that they liked.

While the federal government has been increasing government red tape around American’s healthcare system, some states have also been getting into the act — passing restrictions that have been harmful to consumers. States such as Oregon and Missouri have placed burdensome regulations on the purchase and sale of pseudoephedrine- a key ingredient to many common cold and allergy medicines. This ingredient – a decongestant – is key to medicines such as Claritin-D and Sudafed which have long been providing relief to Americans who are temporarily under the weather.

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