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Indiana Senate Committee To Hear Anti-Meth Measure

2.9.15 – Chelsea Schneider, The Evansville Courier & Press

INDIANAPOLIS — Drug offenders would need to obtain a prescription to purchase cold and allergy tablets with an ingredient key in the meth-making process under a proposal in the Indiana Senate.

The authors of the measure released new details on the proposal that would require people with drug-related convictions to get a prescription for pseudoephedrine products on Monday, a day before it receives a committee hearing.

State Sen. Michael Young, an Indianapolis Republican, said the proposal attempts to balance the rights of innocent Hoosiers while also placing new requirements on the over-the-counter product for drug offenders.

“To tell hard-working, honest Hoosiers that at 3 a.m. … you have to find somebody to write a prescription to get medicine for your children and (yourself) isn’t the right avenue to take,” Young said.

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