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U.S. Aims To Slow Meth Imports From Mexico

1.6.15 –Joe Johns, CNN

Washington (CNN)Call it “Breaking Bad” on the border, only bigger. Apparently much bigger.

Even before Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto arrived at the White House on Tuesday for a snowy morning meeting with President Barack Obama, senior administration officials had already highlighted new “border enforcement priorities” to enhance “national security and safety” at the southern border.

The meeting comes at a time when U.S. Border Patrol agents in San Diego have just reported an enormous increase in confiscation of methamphetamine in California’s southernmost large city. San Diego’s border patrol said that methamphetamine seizures increased in the 2014 fiscal year by a whopping 43%. And meth seizures in just that one area accounted for almost half (47.7%) of all the methamphetamine seized by the Border Patrol nationwide…

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