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Number Of Meth Labs Cut In Half

1.16.15 -KRMG

New data from the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics shows a drop in meth lab incidents by more than 50 percent in Oklahoma in 2014.
Anti-meth laws are not only stopping meth cooks from buying the drugs needed to make meth, they’re also stopping those buying it for meth cooks.

“We placed a bill into the legislature that was passed in 2011 that said you cannot get more than 60 grams of pseudoephedrine in a year without a prescription,” OBN spokesman Mark Woodward said. “That took effect in 2012 and labs just started dropping dramatically.”
The drop is meth labs have allowed the OBN to focus more time on finding people smuggling meth, or “ice” as it’s known on the street, into Oklahoma.

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