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More Meth Coming Across Border

1.13.15 -Matt Reed, KCEN

El Paso — The amount of meth seized on the southwest border has skyrocketed while at the same time smugglers are bringing less marijuana into the country.

“We’ve seen steady inclines in the amount of meth we’ve seized all across the southwest border,” said Will Glaspy, DEA Special Agent in Charge in El Paso .

Glaspy has seen the evolution of the illegal meth trade from his days as an agent in San Diego in the mid-90s when the city was a hub. “Methamphetamine used to be a white biker drug,” said Glasby.

Now most of the meth in the U.S. is smuggled into the country from Mexico concealed in cars and carried on bodies or in liquid form disguised in containers as something else.

California leads the nation with 1,697 pounds of methamphetamine, a 43.7 percent increase over the previous fiscal year according figures released by Customs and Border Protection. The San Diego border area accounts for 47.7 percent of the meth seized nationwide.

But Texas has also experienced a notable spike.

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