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Martin: We Can Win Meth Fight Without Restricting Cold Medicines

1.28.15 – Larry Martin, The State 

COLUMBIA, SC — South Carolina’s law enforcement community is among the most talented and committed in the country. That’s why it’s not surprising that our state continues to make progress in the battle against methamphetamine production and abuse. While the battle is far from over, it’s important for lawmakers to take note of this progress before taking up anti-meth legislation during the 2015 legislative session.

As S.C. law enforcement officials crack down on the diversion of pseudoephedrine (a common ingredient in cold and allergy medicine sometimes used in meth production, commonly referred to as PSE) by using the state’s real-time, pseudoephedrine tracking technology known as the National Precursor Log Exchange, there are fresh signs that domestic meth production is trending downward across the country. According to a recent Associated Press article, meth-lab incidents are down “40 percent or more in states that traditionally lead the country” in labs. In addition to improved law enforcement techniques, the article cites the growing influx of Mexican-made meth into the U.S. drug market to explain the recent trend.

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