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LETTERS: ‘Block List’ Would Get Results In Fight Against Meth

1.28.15 – Elkhart County Sheriff Brad Rogers, Goshen News

‘Block list’ to help with fight against meth

As a career law enforcement officer, I am all too aware of the dangerous effects that meth can have on our communities. I see it nearly every day. The fight against meth is one public safety officials and policy makers must wage together. To that end, some lawmakers have suggested some well-intended, but misguided policies that would force everyone to obtain a prescription for cold and allergy medicines that contain pseudoephedrine.

I am convinced, however, that the key to tackling the meth problem is fairly simple: go after the criminals. That includes not only “homegrown” meth cooks whose operations put their neighbors in danger, but also the Mexican drug cartels bringing meth into the United States — including Indiana.

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