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Bradley County Sheriff’s Office Tracks Pseudoephedrine With New Tool

1.8.15 – Alisha Searl, WDEF

CLEVELAND, TN (WDEF) – The Bradley County Sheriff’s Office has a new tool in their digital arsenal.

Scott Kendall, a Narcotic Detective with the Auburn Police Division, says, “I think if law enforcement officers start using it more and understanding it more, I think it’s a very valuable tool for law enforcement officers to use.”

The Bradley County Sheriff’s Office says they’ve heard of NPLEx, a relatively new pseudoephedrine tracking system, but they didn’t know how to use it until now.

Sheriff Eric Watson, with the Bradley County Sheriff’s Office, says, “If someone goes in and buys allergy medicine. They’ll take your drivers license, your information is entered into a computer.”

That computer links up with every pharmacy in TN, and pharmacies in about 30 other states.

Sheriff Watson says, “We can even track them on our cell phone now.”

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