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Pseudoephedrine Should Not Require A Prescription

To the editor:

A recent KPC News editorial expressed support for state Representative Ben Smaltz’s plan to make medicine containing pseudoephedrine available by prescription only in an effort to combat methamphetamine production.

There is no doubt that we must do all we can to continue the fight against meth crime in Indiana, but as a physician, I cannot support restricting access to these safe and effective medicines. Our clinics would be swamped with otherwise healthy patients forced to get a prescription just to clear up a head cold or seasonal allergies. While some suggest doctors could simply call in PSE prescriptions to save time, I, for one, find it valuable to actually see patients instead of simply dashing off a script.

Doctors want what’s best for their patients. I believe individuals should be able to treat themselves using PSE medicines from their local pharmacy, and not be forced by law onto physicians’ already-packed appointment books.

Dr. Christopher Magiera