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IMPD Tracking Down Drug Abusers With New Software

 INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – A software called NPLEx shows pharmacists how to block illegal sales of pseudoephedrine.

The program uses a tracking system to ensure buyers don’t purchase more than 7.2 grams of pseudoephedrine (PSE) in a month. Not only does NPLEx stop the sale, but it also alerts officers to who tried to purchase over the allotted amount of the cold medicine.

Undercover officers sat in two training sessions to understand how to use the program effectively. Those officers can tap in to the software at any time and see the stores that abusers tried to purchase the drug from.

It’s estimated that in 2013 alone, NPLEx blocked the illegal sale of nearly 60,000 boxes of PSE.

East Side Prescription Shop uses software similar to NPLEx. The shop’s program has blocked several people from purchasing the drug illegally, after they’ve exceeded their monthly limit.

“Most of the time they are confused as to why we know,” said East Side Pharmacist David Podaca. “They know something is going on.”

Police in Alabama told a crowd of officers the program has been very effective in their state.

“We are able to stop a (meth) lab before it happens,” said Auburn Police Officer Scott Kindle.