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Officials Train for New Tracking System

WHAG NEWS – Officials in West Virginia are getting training this week on a new tracking system being implemented to help crack-down on the state’s meth problem. 

It’s called The National Precursor Log Exchange or N-Plex, and it provides real-time tracking of Pseudoephedrine sales, which is the main ingredient used in the manufacture of meth. 

The system will then be used to identify and arrest those who are using the over-the-counter medications to manufacture drugs. 

Officials call N-Plex a valuable tool that is already being used in 30 other states. 

"We feel the bad guys have been working this system for quite some period of time. That’s why we have what’s called smurfing rings. If this was a prescription drug it would be called a doctor shopping ring," said Bridget Lambert. 

This week officers are learning how to most effectively use the new system. Similar demonstrations were also held last fall.