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NPLEx Aimed At Making A Difference In The Meth Problem

 WHEELING, W.Va. Law enforcement from the Ohio Valley trained on the NPLEx system Tuesday. The system is used at pharmacies and by law enforcement in 30 states, including Ohio and West Virginia.

The conference was held at Oglebay Park to help law enforcement become more comfortable with NPLEx which came on line, in West Virginia, in January 2013.

The sessions was designed to advise law enforcement officials of how to most effectively use the tracking system to target and arrest suspected meth criminals.

Bridget Lambert, with the West Virginia Retailers Association, said it helps pharmacist that are working on the front-line – selling pseudoephedrine to consumers and possible meth-makers.

"The purchase is recorded and the minute the button is pushed at the pharmacy register it logs it right away and can block it," said Lambert. "So if you are trying to make multiple purchases it’s not going to happen with NPlex." Scott Kendle, with the Auburn Police Department, said NPlex has been a useful tool in catching and prosecuting criminals.

"It’s all about law enforcement identifying patterns," said Kendle. "Sometimes knowing real time gives me the opportunity to intercept a criminal."

The event was co-hosted by the West Virginia Retailers Association, the National Association of Drug Diversion Investigators, the West Virginia Sheriffs Association and the West Virginia Municipal League.

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