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Letter To The Editor: Jordan A Leader In Meth Use Fight

Rep. Fred Jordan and his colleagues in the state legislature along with the state’s hard working police force, deserve credit for Oklahoma’s recent success in the fight against methamphetamine abuse.

Thanks to their commitment, the state has achieved more than a 50 percent drop in the number of meth lab bust in just one year’s time.

More important, Jordan, along with others in the Legislature, were steadfast in their belief that they could find a way to limit meth without penalizing law-abiding allergy sufferers like me.

Too often, politicians try to fix public safety issues by implementing burdensome restrictions on the entire population. Such was the case with the proposed prescription mandate for popular allergy medicine with pseudoephedrine. But Jordan stood up for honest consumers and helped to enact a balanced policy that achieved dramatic results without increasing the burden on regular Oklahoma families.

I ask every voter consider voting for Fred Jordan for Tulsa County district attorney.

Roger Scott, Jenks