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Bloomfield Woman Arrested After Police Discover Meth Lab

A Bloomfield woman was arrested on a warrant after Indiana State Police discovered a meth lab on July 1.

According to Bloomfield Town Marshal Kenny Tharp, police were contacted by a resident after the resident found drug paraphernalia on their property that was being rented by 41-year-old Diana J. Neeley.

Neeley had left the home after utilities were turned off after she failed to pay the bills.

Officers searched the home and found numerous items associated with the making of meth.

Those items included camp fuel, an empty container of lye, modified hose fittings, and multiple plastic bottles containing a by product of pseudoephedrine pills and chemical precursors that is filtered out when meth is extracted from pseudoephedrine.

Officers also located a coffee filter containing a powdery substance that field-tested positive for meth and a glass jar containing organic solvent.

The probable cause affidavit states police found 13 pseudoephedrine and precursor purchases made by Neeley since December of last year.

ISP Troopers interviewed Neely on July 1 at the Greene County Sheriff’s Department where she told police all of the pseudoephedrine purchases were for the purposes of her "ingesting it into her body for the right reasons" and that she believed her ex-boyfriend was making meth in her residence. She also reportedly explained that her fingerprints would be on glass jars at the residence because she is an avid canner.

But police say Neeley kept changing her story and finally admitted to buying pseudoephedrine for a man twice. But police say that was not true according to store precursor logs.

Neeley was arrested on charges of manufacturing/delivering or financing the manufacture or delivery of meth, possession of meth, maintaining a common nuisance and possession of precursors or chemical reagents with intent to manufacture meth.