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Claremore Man Arrested After Meth Lab Discovery

CLAREMORE — A preliminary hearing was held Monday at the Rogers County Courthouse for a Claremore man, who was recently arrested on several charges, including manufacturing methamphetamine within 1,000 feet of an elementary school.

Travis Cole Leonard, 44, was taken into custody on June 2 from his Claremore home after deputies caught him in the act of cooking methamphetamine in his kitchen. Deputies issued a search warrant of the residence after receiving multiple complaints from anonymous sources regarding the violent nature of his manufacturing process.

According to the arrest report, when Leonard opened the door to his home, deputies smelled a strong chemical odor, and advised dispatch to contact the clandestine lab cleanup crew who contacted the fire department and EMSA for standby due to the odor escaping the residence.

In the report, deputies stated that fire crews had to ventilate the home prior to clean up due to the quality of air inside and the danger of explosion.

Inside, crews located three methamphetamine “shake and bake” labs. Investigators also located items used in the manufacturing of meth along with several smoking devices and syringes with residue that field test positive for meth. In the living room was a 22-caliber rifle loaded with one live round in the chamber.

According to reports, on Leonard’s phone was a live feed of Rogers County, Mayes County and Craig County sheriff departments. Deputies stated his residence was less than 1,000 feet from Tiawah Elementary School.

Leonard told deputies he had been using methamphetamine for the past year and was manufacturing it for his own use. According to the Justicexchange database, Leonard purchased pseudoephedrine a total of 34 times and had been blocked ten times.

He has been booked into the Rogers County Jail.

Charges include three counts of manufacturing controlled dangerous substance, two counts of possessing controlled dangerous substance within 1,000 feet of school, carrying firearms after previous conviction, unlawful use of police radio and possession of precursor with intent to manufacture.

Leonard’s bond is set at $69,000. A continuing of Monday’s preliminary hearing will take place Monday, July 14 at the Rogers County Courthouse.