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Michigan is seeing lower domestic meth production thanks to NPLEx, but meth from Mexico continues to cause an issue…  |  08:33 PM November 12
Thank you, pharmacists, for using #NPLEx to keep allergy meds accessible to law-abiding citizens and out of the han…  |  01:25 PM October 22
More than 1.7 million boxes of #PSE did not reach criminals in 2017, thanks to pharmacists’ use of #NPLEx. #APhM2018  |  02:25 PM October 15
Amelia Arnold, the president of the Maine Pharmacy Association, discusses the on-going efforts in Maine to combat…  |  12:45 PM October 1
Local meth production and small one-pot labs in Michigan are diminishing but they are being replaced with meth impo…  |  05:18 PM September 27