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Meth production is on the decline #Missouri, thanks to tools like #NPLEx:  |  06:05 PM June 23
"Smurfing is a funny word with serious ramifications." #MI is raising awareness to keep the community safe:  |  08:42 PM June 22
Missouri grocers are working hard to stop meth production with the help of #NPLEx. More from @fox4kc:…  |  05:01 PM June 21
.@SchuetteOnDuty says #NPLEx is best for monitoring & catching "smurfing." More about anti-smurfing campaign:…  |  06:10 PM June 9
RT @SchuetteOnDuty: In Birmingham today w Sheriff @MikeJBouchard talking about the dangers of meth. The message is clear: if you are a meth…  |  04:16 PM June 9