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More than 600 medications contain acetaminophen, and over 50 million Americans take a drug with the ingredient each week. Discover details on maximum dose, safe use, interactions, and side effects of this common treatment: https://www.knowyourdose.org/get-the-facts/

Persistent coughs can be serious, but the first steps you take are critical. Learn more about different types of coughs, how to manage each one with over-the-counter solutions, and when you should see a #healthcare professional. https://www.knowyourotcs.org/dont-dance-around-persistent-cough/

It's possible to ensure effective congestion medications remain available to the public and limit access for illegal drug manufacturers. NPLEx, an electronic, stop-sale, real-time tech that blocks problematic sales, can provide that protection. http://www.stopmethnotmeds.com/the-solution/national-precursor-log-exchange-nplex/